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Hill, George William (b. 1823). History of Aſhland County, Ohio (Williams Bros, 1880) Internet Archive

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Chapter XXXIII

The Pioneers of the Year 1825

pp. 96-97

We will now enumerate the pioneers of range seventeen, which includes the greater part of the Townſhips of Mifflin, Milton and Clearcreek.

Mifflin. — Francis Andrews, John Andrews, John and Michael Autſbnrger, Iſaac A bey, David Belles, Henri Brubaker, Joſeph Bolles, Peter Baum, John Brubaker, Jonas Bolyeat, Samuel Braden, Robert Bentley, David Brubaker, Jacob Baum, John Beninghoff. Benjamin Bare, Aquilla Bennett, Jacob, Henry and Stephen Bolyeat, Benjamin and Leonard Croninger, Fred Coiner,Joſeph Charles, John Charles, Michael Culler, James Copus, jr., Weſley Copus, James Chew, Phillip Culler, Frederick Deal, Joſeph Doty, Philip Deter, Iſaac Davis, James Doty, Peter Egnei, Francis Enos, C. Edwards, William Gardner, John Gongvver, John Gates, Chriſtian Hahn, Joſeph Hughes, Benjamin Herſhey, Joſeph Hoover, Daniel Hoover, Hugh Hades, Martin Kagy, Samuel Kagy, Iſaac Kagy, Daniel and John Kauffman, Jacob Kecrer, Jacob Koogle, John Landis, John Lemon, William Lattimore, Samuel Lewis, John Lambright, Lewis Lambrig’nt, Charles and 'Nathan Lewis, Robert Lemon, Jacob Mark ley, Calvin Morehead, John McCrony, Daniel and Martin Matthews, William Newman, Jonathan Pellet, Andrew and John Kichev, Charles J.M. Reed, Henry Sunday, Samuel Scott, Jacob Stehiuan, Jacob Sheller, John ScolTord, Samuel and Joſeph Simpſon, Henry Smith, John Sunday, Chriſtian Veſper, James, Solomon and John Vail, John Yautilburg, Joſeph and Jacob Will, Solomon Walters, John Woodhouſe, David Young, Michael Young, Joſhua and John Yehman, Henry and David Young, Iſaac Zehner, Samuel Zehner, Mathias Zehner.

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Hill, George William (b. 1823). History of Aſhland County, Ohio (Williams Bros, 1880) Internet Archive
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