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Coyer, Helen Mae. A Miſsing Link in the Vail Family (Unpubliſhed) Weſt Virginia Anceſtry


                         A MISSING LINK IN THE VAIL FAMILY
Thoſe of us who are part of the anceſtry of the Vail family are
moſt grateful to the folks who contributed the work to produce
the three Vail books, Moſes Vail, Jeremiah Vail and Thomas Vail,
Salem 1640. They leave us a wealth of genealogical information.
However, they are not without error, as is true with other works.

Importantly they lead us to know there are twenty five volumes of
material in the New York Biographical, Genealogical Society Library
in New York City. Theſe volumes contain valuable information
collected in the mid 1800's, a lot has not been publiſhed. The
Library rules require one be a member to uſe the manuſcripts and
only three photocopies are allowed. The volumes are indexed.
The Librarians will not do any reſearch but will provide a liſt
of local genealogiſts.

After twenty years searching on my Vail family, I found the exact
information I had been needing. The parents and grandparents of
John Vail who died in Mifflin twſp. Richland co., Ohio in 1817!
My Vail Bible took me back to his son Ephriam who was named in John'
will. It did>n’t take long to locate a letter written by Ephriam
in anſwer to the inquiry made by Alfred Vail. The encloſed copy
of this letter shows what a wealth of information it gave.

As Thomas Vail, Salem 1640 tells on page 128, Joſeph (5) went to
PA after the revolution. Joſeph (5) should read John, father of
Ephriam. The Warantee Atlas of Allegheny Co., PA shows John in
Moon twſp. in May 1785. There is no record of the patent made
2 Oct 1786. If they called their home places (as is true in
England) by a name, Joh>n’s was called "Radner"

The 1790 cenſus of PA liſts both John (Veal) and Soloman, his
brother, in Allegheny Co. However, The Hiſtory of Allegheny
County on page 203 states in May 1798 they were both in Sewickley
Valley along with a David Vail.

John and Soloman Vail were not only early settlers of PA but alſo
moved on into Ohio by 1807, where they were among the early

What a happy day it was to receive this letter from Ephriam.

Helen Mae Coyer, 698 So Peakview Dr., Caſtle Rock, CO 80104


In The Alfred Vail Papers, Vol. 13» No. 88, Manuſcript Collection
of The New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, New York,, NY

  Wyandot Ohio October the 26th 1851
this may inform you that I received your
lines requeſting me to give you all the informati
on concerning the Vail Family that I can I will
comply with your requeſt as far as my knowledg
My Fathers name was John Vail queſtion 2 my
Mothers name was Sarah Vance 3 my Grandfathers
name was Joſeph 4 My Grandmothers name was Grace
Manning 5 I cannot tell you my Grandfathers
Hiſtory only he was "born in Jerſy either Morris or
Seſsex County he removed from the State of Jerſy
about the years 1773 or 74 to North Carolina he had
4 sons and 3 daughters Eliſabeth Hannah and Grace
John Solomon Peter and Johnathan Peter
and Johnathan was sent to Novaſcotia in the com
mencement of the Revolution war my Father
and Solomon left Jerſy about the same time and
remove to old Virginnia and Solomon enterd the
Army and served throug the Revollution war as
a soldier and then married and removed from Virgi
nia to Pennſylvania and their remained till 1808
and then removed to Ohio and their Died 1823 or
24 and had 6 sons and 4 daughters Grace Jane Ann
and Eliſabeth David T Jefferſon John Solomon
Joſeph Iſaac my Father and Mother 6 sons and
6 daughters Jane Sarah Grace Mary Margaret

p. 3


the names of my brothes was 1ſt Joſeph Samuel
Johnathan Solomon and James and my self
Ephraim My brothers and siſters are all Dead but
2 siſters & they all left Familys behind some in
Ohio and some inn Illinois I cannot give you
the date of their births and deaths all of my brothers
and siſters was born in Pennſylvania I Married
Eliſabeth Pettit She was born in the State of
Virginnia February 27 1802 and was Married
Auguſt l6th 1821 we have 12 children 6 sons
and 6 daughters and their names are 1ſt Margaret
Sarah Eliſabeth Criſteny Maryann and Hannah
and the boys name .s of the boys are Thomas John
Johnathan Solomon D. Peter and James M
Thomas was was born May the 3rd 1822 Margaret was
born April the 12th 1824 Sarah was born February
the 1ſt 1826 John was born January the 6th 1828
Johnathan was born January 29th 1830
Solomon Davis was born December 5th 1831
Eliſabeth was born October 30th 1833 Criſteny was
born the 18th of July 1836 Peter was born June
the 3rd 1838 Maryann was born April 6th l84l
James M was born March 31ſt 1843 Hannah was
born October 13th 1845 Thomas was Maried to
Martha A Shephard January 5th 1845 Sarah
was Married to Thomas Holmes April the 8th
1845 Tomas Vail has 2 sons Solomon and
Epraim Auguſtus and Sarah has 3 two daughters
and 1 son not named the girls are Margaret and eliſabeth

p. 4

LETTER OF EPHRAIM VAIL, third and laſt page
I cannot give you the dates of the births of ther children
as reſpects my Fathers hiſtory I will give it as far as
my knowledg extends he removed from Pennſylva
nia to Coſhocton County Ohio and from thence
to richland Ohio and their lived 2 years and
Departed this life 28th of March 1818 he was about
78 years of Age my grandfather Died in N
Caroline about 1804 and was aged 93 years and 6 m
all of his Daughters went with him to N Carolina
Eliſabeth Married William Davis Hannah Married
Henry Johnſon and who my Aunt Grace Married.
I cannot tell and I wiſh that if you ever get that
Book accompliſhed to receive a copy of it
it is impoſsible for me to give you the Dates of
my brothers and siſters births and deaths and of 
and of their children
I believe that I have given you all the information
as far as my knowledg extends
Moſt reſpectfully yours Alfred Vail
Ephraim Vail to Alfred

p. 5
The Alfred Vail Papers, Vol. 13
Abſtracts of Items 59-90

59. Reply from Margaret (Mrs. Benjamin) Furby, Tivoli, Dubuque Co.
Iowa, 1852. She gave date of birth only as 1794, place blank,
date of marriage 1812, father John Vail, mother blank. Huſband
Benjamin Furby born 1790 son of Michael Furby and Kernhapah Price.
Benjamin "dide June 16 1842 and Burried in Salem Churchyard in
Waſhington Co. Illinois." Children: Jonathan, Kernhapah, Tracy,
.Ephraim, Cyrus, Margaret, Eleanor, Jackſon, Benjamin (details not

Margare>t’s brothers and siſters: Joſeph, Samuel, Solomon,
Jonathan, James, Ephraim, Sarah, Mary, Grace, Hannah, "and Eliza
a half siſter my father married the widow Copes and have ing one
Child Born and then he dide and was burried in Richland Co. 0hio.M

At this point it becomes clear that Margaret is not filling
out the form herſelf 1 "I Ephraim Furby is filling this out fore
my mother who is dead who dide December 1846 and is Berried in
Salem Church grave yard by the side of my father.11 (Item 62 says
she died in Waſhington Co., 111.)
Margare>t’s son Jonathan alſo filled out a form, but the info,
he gives is better covered in later items.

60. From Margaret (Mrs. Henry) Howe, dau. of William Renfrew and
Sarah Vail; she was born 1821 Richland Co. Ohio. Details on her
family, not copied.

61. From John Vail 1851, Shannon, Croghan p.o., Allen Co., Ohio -,
"I am the son of Jonathan Vail which was the son of grandfather
John Vail he was a Quaker and he was a  Brother to Solomon Vail that
was in the Revolution under Colonel Morgan."

62. From James H. Vail, son of Jonathan, Kalida, Putnam Co. Ohio,
1851, stating Grace Wilſon (nee Vail) his aunt has died. This
letter actually follows no. 64 chronologically.

63. From Ephraim (copied before and miſlabelled 88)

64. From James H. Vail, Kalida, 30 Aug. 1851. His father died
when he was young so he knows the family tradition from his mother.
"My grate grandfather was... Joſeph and he had four sons John
Solomon Peter and Jonathan. John Vail was my grandfather thare
was two siſters Grace and Hannah they all reſided in New Jerſey
about the time or year 1777 or 8 my grate grandfathers property
was all deſtroyed by the Heſsians about that time he took his two
daughters and emigrated to South Carolina this being the laſt
information received of them John Vail my grandfather emigrated
to Virginia and from there to Weſtmorlen County Pa whare I suppoſe
he maried a Miſs Sarah Vance couſin to Joſepn Vance Ex- Governor
of 0hio they had fifteen children to wit Robert Joſeph Samuel 
Jonathan my father Solomon Iſaac James and Ephraim all dead but
Ephraim who reſides near Wyandot Crawford Co Ohio the names of
the daughters Elizabeth Jane Sarah Grace Mary Margaret and Hannah
all dead but Grace and Hannah Grace is married to Potter Willſon

p. 6

64 con>t’d:
who reſides near Keen Town in Coſhocton Co. Ohio. Hannah married
to Charles Lewis who reſides in Richland Co. Ohio. John Vail
having emigrated with his family from Pa to Coſhocton Co. Ohio
his wife Sarah died Nov 10th 1813 he then emigrated to Richland
Co. Ohio in the year 1814 or 15 whare he married Mrs. Anna Copes
in say 1816 they having one child called Eliza John died in the
year 1817 at the age of 63 or 64 years."
The write>r’s father Jonathan Vail was born 1782 in Weſtmoreland
Co. Pa, emigrated to Coſhocton Co. Ohio and married Miſs
Mary Hibs (elſewhere he calls her Hilbs, and other writers call
the wife Mary or Polly McClain) 14 May 1806 and had five children
Jane, Iſaac, John, James H. and Jonathan. Jonathan Sr.
died 8 March 1817 in Richland Co.
Another letter from James H. 13 Oct 1851 says:
Uncle Robert muſt have died at an early age
Uncle Joſeph was married twice I think both times in Coſhocton
Co. Ohio..some years since he emigrated with all
his family from Holmes Co. Ohio to the Wabaſh country
Indiana that is the laſt I have ever herd of him.... His
firſt wife was Miſs Vulganot
Uncle Samuel married (Jane?) and had two sons one daughter
Samuel Solomon and Grace
Uncle Solomon reſided in Coſhocton Co. Ohio to about the
year 1841 then him and all his family emigrated to the
State of Illinoiſe...he married Jane Culbertſon
Uncle Iſaac muſt have died at an early age
Uncle James died in Richland Co. Ohio I refer you to his
son John
Aunt Elizabeth I am not able to tell you anything about
Aunt Jane married David Newell they both died in Richland
Co. Ohio
Aunt Sarah married William Renfrew they both died in
Coſhocton Co. Ohio
Aunt Mary married John Gregg Peterſon they both died in
Richland Co. Ohio
Aunt Margaret married Benjamin Furby and emigrated to the
Wabaſh country in Indiana
Eliza married Peter Vangilder...do>n’t know her addreſs
He signed this letter "James Hughs Vail." When aſked by Alfred
Vail about Sarah Vance, he said he could not give her date of
birth or her parents' names.
65. From Mary (Mrs. William) Batchelor of Coſhocton Co. Ohio,
daughter of William Renfrew and Sarah Vail. Details not copied,
except her uncle Solomon Vail married Jane Peoples and had Mary,
John, Grace, Sarah, Hannah, Joſeph, Solomon and Lewis

p. 7

66. From Joſeph Vail, Portland, Fountain Co. Indiana 1852,
he is the son of Joſeph Vail and Suſan Wolgomott.

67. From Ellenor (Mrs. T.W.) Thornhill of New Guilford, Coſhocton
Co. Ohio 1852, she is daughter of Wm. Renfrew and Sarah Vail.
The Renfrew children were Mary, Margaret, Sarah, Hannah, William
and John V.

68. From William Wright Renfrew, son of William and Sarah (Vail).

69. From Mrs. Catharine Pocock of Crawford, Coſhocton Co., 1851,
born 1811, daughter of John Potter Wilſon and Grace Vail, granddaughter
of John Vail and Sarah Vance.

70. From John Wilſon of Millcreek, Coſhocton Co., 1854, son
of John P. Wilſon and Grace Vail.

70. Filed with above but apparently out of place - Ann Vail,
born 14 March 1789 Allegheny Co. Pa, daughter of Solomon Vail
and Martha Vance. She says she "never was married," but liſts
her two daughters, both named Vail.

71. From JohnWilſon, same as 70. He born I8l4, mentions his
brothers and siſters William, Oſcar F., Catharine, Edward and

72. From Noah Vail, Portland, Fountain Co., Ind. Born 1815
Holmes Co. Ohio to Joſeph Vailand Suſan Walgamot; his brothers
and siſters John, Joſeph, Elizabeth, Cynthia, Hannah, Eſther,
Ellen. Says his grandfather was John Vail and his grandmother
was "Polly McFarland."  [Penciled note "wrong!]

73. Samuel Potter Vail, Frederickſville, Schuyler Co., 111.,
1852 - born 1803 Allegany Co. Pa to Samuel Vail and Hannah Potter,
his brothers and siſters are Sarah, Grace, Ann and Solomon} his
grandparents John Vail and Sarah Vance.

74. From Elizabeth (Mrs. Robert) Nofſinger, Canal Dover, Tuſcarawas
Co. Ohio 1852, daughter of Joſeph Vail and Suſan

75. Prom Dr. B.F. Whitney, Aſhland, Aſhland Co. Ohio 1851 -
married to Sarah born 1819 daughter of Wm. Renfrew and Sarah Vail.

76. From Hannah (Mrs. Charles) Lewis, Peterſburg, Mahoning or
Richland Co. (AV was>n’t sure) Ohio - she fills out form as
Hannah Lewis, born Sept. 10th 1800 Pennſylvania, married May
10 1821 Charles Lewis son of Samuel and Hannah (Braden) Lewis.
Her parents John Vail and Sarah Vance. Her children Sarah, Mary,
Samuel, Hannah, Lucinda, John, Solomon, Clark and Margaret. Her
brothers and siſters Joſeph (m Suſan Vulgamore), Samuel (m Hannah
Potter), Jonathan (m Mary), Solomon (m Jane Peples), Iſaac, Robert,
James (m Sarah Copus), Jane (m David Newil), Sarah (m Wm. Renfrew),
Mary (m John G Peterſon), Margaret (m Benjamin Furby), Elizabeth ,

p. 8

77, A From Mary Peterſon 1852, dau. of John G. and Mary (Vail).

78. From Eleanor Barnett, Toulon, Stark Co. 111., dau. of Benj.
Furby and Margaret Vail. In liſting her aunts she speaks of
Gracy, and Polly (Mary).

[Penciled brackett from 78 to 81 "siſters"]

79. From Grace Johnſon, Dubuque Co. Iowa 1852, dau. of Benj.
Furby and Margaret Vail.

80. From Margaret Teagarden, same place, same parents.

81. From Rebecca Peterſon, dau. of John G. and Mary (Vail).

82. From Oſcar Fitzalen Wilſon, Wells Co. Indiana, son of
John P. Wilſon and Grace Vail.

83. From Sarah Peterſon Woolf, Aſhland Co. Ohio 1852, dau. of
John G. Peterſon and Mary Vail. Claims grandfather John Vail
died in Mifflintown, Aſhland Co. Ohio, and firſt wife Sarah
Vance Vail died in Coſhocton Co. Ohio, second wife Amy Copes
Vail in Mifflintown. "My mother died on the 15th day of January
1832 aged 4l years 1 month 16 days."

84. From widow of Auguſtus Wilſon, son of John P. and Grace (Vail).

[Penciled bracket 84-85 "brothers"]]

85. From Edward Wilſon of Millwood, Knox Co. Ohio, son of
same as 84. He fills out a form for his mother, who apparently
was there and giving the information to him: She was born
Feb. 9 1789 (no place), married 27 Sept. 1809. Who was she
named for? "She anſwers that it was in memory of her grandmother
the wife of Joſeph Vail."
Her huſband John Potter Wilſon was the son of Robert Wilſon
and Mary Potter, and was born 27 Aug 1785 near Amboy, N.J. Her
children were Mary, Catherine, John, William Potter, Edward,
Auguſtus, Madaline and Oſcar Fitzallen.
Edward Wilſon writes again 31 Jan 1852 from same place:
"My mothers fathers [John Vai>l’sJ family conſiſted of fifteen
children three of whom namely Robert Elizabeth and Iſaac died
in infancy.“ He then liſts the fiften, and this mav be the only
liſting of them that is in the proper order:


p. 9

86. this pertains to another branch of the family.

87. From Grace Ann (Mrs. Jeſse) Beal, Keene, Coſhocton Co. Ohio
1852, daughter of Samuel Vail and Hannah Potter. Fills out a
form for her father Samuel, date of birth not known, in Penna.,
died Feb 14, 1837, son of John Vail and Sarah Vance; he m. 1801
Hannah Potter dau. of Edward and Chriſtian (Brown) Potter, and
had Sarah, Samuel, Mary, Grace Ann and Solomon Brown.

88. From Madaline Foſter, Keene, Coſhocton Co., dau. of John P.
and Grace (Vail) Wilſon.

89. From Nancy (Mrs. Scott) McDermott, Monroe Twp., Richland Co.
Ohio, dau. of James Vail and Sarah Copus.

90. From Jonathan Vail, St. Mar>k’s Fla. 1853, son of Jonathan
and brother of James H.
(this appears to end correſpondence from family of John Vail;
next items are from deſcendants of his brother Solomon

p. 10

[Original is in two and three columns, here read left to right]

Copied from VAIL FAMILY BIBLE in poſseſsion of Helen Mae Coyer
698 So. Peakview Dr., Caſtle Rock, CO 80104
Large leather covered Bible 9\ by 12? and 4 inches thick, publiſhed
by John E. Potter & Co., Philadelphia.


Ephriam Vail
March 23d. 1798

Elizabeth Pettit
(His Wife) Feb 27th, 1802

Thomas Vail
May 23d. 1822

Eliſabeth Vail
Oct. 30th. 1833

Margaret Vail
April 12th. 1824

Chriſtina Vail
July 18th. 1836

Sarah Vail
Feb. 1ſt. 1826

Peter B, Vail
June 3d, 1838

John Vail
Jan 6th. 1828

Mary A. Vail
April 6th. 1841

Jonathan Vail
Jan 29th. 1830

James M. Vail
Mar 31ſt. 1843

Solomon D. Vail
Dec. 5th. 1831

Hannah Vail
Oct. 13th. 1845

John Vail January 6th 1828 Plymouth, Richland Co.,Ohio

Martha Maria Littleton February 20th. 1828, Gallia, Gallia Co, Ohio

Sarah Jane Littleton November 9th. 1829, Bucyrus, Crawford Co, Ohio

Almira Littleton March 27th.1831, Bucyrus, Crawford Co, Ohio
     Children of John & Martha Vail
Emma Vail October 9, 1852, Wyandotte, Wyandotte Co, Ohio
John Franklin Vail May 10th, 1856, Garden Grove, Decatur Co, Iowa
Grantly Curtis Vail September 16, 1859, Garden Grove, Iowa
Margaret Auguſta Vail September 6, 1861, Garden Grove, Iowa
Hannah Vail March 19, 1865, Garden Grove, Iowa
Byron Frederick Vail May 4, 1868, Garden Grove, Iowa


Ephriam Vail
Elizabeth Pettit
Aug. 16th. 1821

Elizabeth Vail
George W. Peyton

John Vail and
Martha Maria Littleton
January 8th. 1852
Bucyrus, Crawford Co, Ohio
By  Peter Hovenſtine, J.P.

Thomas Vail
Martha Shepard

Mary A. Vail
Boylſton S. Wilſon

Sarah Vail
Thomas Holmes

Hannah Vail
James F. Crowley

John Vail
Martha Littleton
Jan 8th, 1852

James M. Vail
Mary Emrick

Margaret Vail
Aaron McBride
June 7th. 1854

Solomon Vail
Clarriſsa Line
Mar 2nd. 1856

p. 12


Ephriam Vail
Aug. 14th. 1872

Peter B. Vail
July 4th. 1907

Elizabeth Vail

John Vail
Auguſt 31ſt. 1907

Sarah Holmes

Martha M. Vail
February 16th. 1910

Thomas Vail

Margaret McBride
December 19rh. 1902

Chriſtena Vail
December 26th. 1915

Elizabeth Payton
February 5th. 1904

Solomon D. Vail
Auguſt 25th. 1905

Jonathan Vail
April 29th. 1915

Hannah Vail September 30th, 1881, Garden Grove, Iowa
Emma Vail January 9th. 1853, Wyandotte, Wyandotte Co. Ohio
John Vail Auguſt 31ſt, 1907, Superior, Nebraſka
Martha M. Vail February 16th, 1910, Superior, Nebraſka
Grantly C. Vail Auguſt 9th, 1918, Denver, Colorado
Margaret A. Vail January 11th, 1935, Wichita, Kanſas
Byron F. Vail May 1, 1942, Wichita, Kanſas

Sarah Jane Littleton June 2nd. 1831, Bucyrus, Crawford Co, Ohio
Almira Littleton November 8th, 1852, Bucyrus, Crawford Co, Ohio

Marriage of Grantly Curtis Vail & Amelia Schreiber May 26, 1887
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Births of this union                                        Deaths

Anna Auguſta Vail May 8, 1888 Feb 16, 1957
John Franklin Vail June 27, 1889 Jan 30, 1976
Marguerite Mae Vail Sept 5, 1891 Feb 23, 1970
Grantly Curtis Vail, Jr. Oct 21, 1895 Oct 28, 1895
Mabel Vail Nov 20, 1903 Died same day
Alice Ellen March 17, 1900 Jan 2, 1964
Grantly Curtis Vail Sr. Sept 16, 1859 Aug 9, 1918
Amelia Schreiber Vail 20 Apr 1869 Oct 11, 1927

Submitted by Helen Mae Coyer, 698 So. Peakview Dr. Caſtle Rock, CO 80104


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