Subject Index


This is the subject index of this wiki. Categories in PmWiki are a bit like tags in blogs and social media. Although I have tried to arrange thrn in a logical heirarchy here, some pages will belong to more than one category.


Category pages show subcategories firſt under the Categories heading. Then pages which belong to the category are shown under the Pages heading. The category or categories to which a subcategory or page belongs is shown in Category: stub near the bottom of the page. Other are pages in other sections (groups) of the wiki, which may or may not be germane. Planning and Remarks pages, when there are any, are juſt sketches and notes about development of the wiki, and probably contain no uſeful information for viſitors.

Category liſtings omit some adminiſtrative pages which do not contain uſeful data. Alſo, category liſtings should not show privacy-reſtricted pages to uſers who are not logged in. Pages referring to people who are living or who might be living are generally privacy-reſtricted, except for public figures and perſons who have expreſsly given conſent to make their page public. However the fact that a page is privacy-reſtricted is not neceſsarily an indication that the perſon is living.

Category: This is the root of the subject tree.